Sunday, April 17, 2016

sneak peek of my new craft room

Here is the sneak peek of my craft room I promised to share with you all.  For those of you that don't know we bought a home and moved recently.  I am in love with our new Home and made sure to take the time to put the rest of the house together before I started on the craft room.  We have been spending a lot of time on the yard too so it has taken me awhile to get in here.  As soon as I checked out the house and fell in love with it.  I visually started placing things in here for my craft room.  I had many visions of grand ideas lol.  So now the time has finally come to make my biggest vision into a reality! 

up on blocks so I could paint the crossbars black to match the cube shelves, I added pink card stock to the backs of  any open cubes after i put them together.  top will be white with mat on top and the lower shelf will also be white.  I will then tuck two white paper cubes on either side underneath.
We are in the process of building my crafty work island in the center of the room.  I am loving it already and can't wait to get it finished so I can finish unpacking my crafty supplies and get back to crafting.  My son gave me a wonderful large cutting mat a few years ago.  It used to be on my huge Oak L desk but the desk wouldn't fit in this room without over crowding so I gave the desk to my husband to use at his office.  The large Cutting Mat however will be placed on the top of this work island to become the entire work surface. 

I also have an up cycle idea in the works as well if my hubby can make it happen I will be one happy girl.  I will share that with you if it all works out and fingers crossed because it will be an amazing functional addition for me.

cant wait to show you all a full walk thru with my room is complete.  Thanks for stopping by and I wish you all a wonderful and crafty day.

Eva Scraps

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Scrapper69 said...

Looks go so far! I know how much work goes into moving - glad you've got time to work on your space now! Can't wait til it's all done! :)

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