Monday, April 18, 2016

Craft Island Reveal

I am so beyond excited to have my vision come to life for my new craft room.  I cannot wait to finish unpacking in here now and get busy using this beautiful new crafty space. What's more is my husband and I did it ourselves, I am feeling so proud! And very grateful that I could tell my husband my ideas and he could help me bring it to life.

I need to look for some more pink tubs to fill this side, but these will work for now.  I love having my paper cubes along the sides.... Everything is right at my fingertips :)

Did you notice my wonderful cutting mat tabletop?  this is what inspired this whole project lol.  My son got me this mat several years ago and I always had it on my big oak L shaped desk but that desk would not fit right in this room so it had to go to my Hubby's office and I needed to come up with a new idea for my new room to hold this mat.  When I dreamed up this idea, I had no idea it would come out this good.

And do you notice my can organizer?  I made this several years ago and it always sat on my desk near me but now it is even better because I now have it on a turntable that I salvaged from my microwave that recently bit the dust.  The idea came to me to drill a spot for it on the island so I asked hubby and he said yeah no problem.... Eeeeeek!  Happy girl right here!  If you want to see how I made my Can organizer you can find that old post here:  Pretty tin can organizer

Plus I can move it and pull out the spinner wheels if I need to work on measuring or cutting something large on my mat.  I so love being able to up-cycle things especially when they become such a wonderful asset to my work space.

ok well I have much unpacking to get to and I am in the middle of making a card so I better get to work.  Thanks for stopping by to check out my new Craft Island.  I hope to make a walk-thru video of my new Craft room and some of the ways I have found to organize and a few more up-cycles to share with you all when I get it finished.  As always, I wish you a happy and crafty day!

~ Eva ~


Creative Kuts said...

Looks great! Will have to make a date so we can use it together.

Migdalia said...

Wow!! It is Amazing!! Love it!
Have a blessed day,
Crafting With Creative M

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, this is amazing!! Wow, Eva, you and your hubby did a fabulous job!! I want one!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Eva Bussom said...

This is so cool! Love the lazy susan too!

Golden Goddess Designs said...

just awesome! fantastic job! your work will be inspired by such a new nice work table and space! tfs


Scrapper69 said...


Theresa’s Crafty Creations

Unknown said...

It is a great idea to recycle whenever possible as it means less rubbish at the dump & more money you can spend on craft supplies that you didn't have to spend on storage. I got a TV turntable (which is a bit smaller than a microwave turntable & looks like a 1cm thick black plastic circle) at Crazy Clarkes or somewhere like that for a couple of dollars years ago when TVs were not so thin. I use it as a lazy Susan on my craft desk. It is great because it works by having a layer of ball bearings between the top & bottom plates so it spins while not moving on the desktop & there was no need to drill any holes. So for anyone who has one they no longer use under a TV you can repurpose it on your craft desk.