Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My New Scan N Cut by Brother - LOVE

I am so flippin' excited this morning as I play and learn with my New Scan N Cut,  So I did a fun Easter hop this morning where I got to download lots of free digi art for digital scrapping, which I love to do also!!! ( here is the link if you like digi hops:

So looking at the beautiful digi art... it got me to thinking how I could print it out and Scan N cut it and use on my cards or layouts or any project like I do with my Cricut cuts or my svg files.  so here was the first page I did:

ok so this page cut beautifully except for the one flower... if the outside edge is not dark enough it will zone in on the dark spots, so not every stamped image or printed image will work.  If you look very closely at the flower that did not cut it actually cut out one inside petal... I added some black cardstock behind it so you could see it.  But overall it did cut the majority and I am so happy.  so on all of these cuts I had the machine set to cut a .04 border... Perfect!

 So using the same print out, I sent just the flower through again and cut it with no border this time.  It totally left a piece out that it did not recognize, but the adorable flower is still usable.
 Here, I decided to print another page of digi art plus throwing in that same flower again that it did not recognize well... only this time before printing I used my scrapbook program to ad a dark border around each image before printing.  I ran it through the scanner and it picked up all of the outlines beautifully again accept for the same flower.  I choose to cut the images with no border and yes again PERFECT!

This is the weird thing it did with that flower, but it can be glued in place together and you won't even notice it probably :)

I am so in love with this machine, so so SO Happy I decided to buy it!
For those of you who don't follow me on FB, let me post my 1st cuts with this wonderful machine I just received on Monday eve. 
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 My first two cuts!!!   the Easter one is from the internal library on the machine
Then I went to the online software for this machine and cut two more layers to back it.  The middle yellow layer I cut with a .08 border then Green is cut at .16 border.
here is the link for the free online software:
This is Olaf from the movie Frozen, I found this as a freebie coloring book page, look how beautiful and precise it cut.  I believe I had it set to a .08 border for this one too.
on this sheet I decided to print out a page full of digi sentiments from  Most of them it didn't recognize the outline as there are to many open paths, so on this one I chose to cut one of the internal shapes from the machine to cut it out, I then went back in with pink cardstock and cut the same shape 1/4" bigger for the background layer.
This one it recognized the outside perfectly so I cut this one at .08 border.  that is it for now, I will be eagerly learning as I go with this beautiful new machine and sharing my progress with you my crafty friends.  I will leave you with a couple of photos I took as I was unpacking it :)

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon :)

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