Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Craft Room Make Over

Wow I haven't been on here in FOREVER!!!  whew now that things are more organized around here maybe I can get back in the swing of things :).

So I wanted to share with all of you what I have been working so hard on lately My craft room reorganization Makeover is finally complete I still have some stuff to organize and put away in the dining room (that was my overflow area) but I am getting there yay. 

 I love my crafty space now... For those of you that know me, know how the rest of my whole big huge house can be spotless and my craft room is always a complete disaster.. lol not just crafty mess though it was just too cluttered with stuff that didn't belong in here.

So without further adooooo, tadaaaaaaaa here it is,

My new Cabinet make over on the left and my entertainment center full of crafty goodness

My Desk, Computer and 2 of my cutting Machines

My work desk where I do most of my creating when not on the computer

My Paper Hoarding Stash and another work station, this is also where I set out My Cricut Expression 2 when I use it and hook it to my laptop for the Cricut Craft Room

along with my new refurbished craft cabinet that is now black and pink and way way cute instead of the crappy brown it was when I bought it on Saturday. 

Inside organization that houses lots of stuff but mostly my dies and then binders filled with my embossing folders
Here is a close-up of the inside door, I covered them both with magnetic sheets to hold all of my thin metal cutting dies for my Bigshot/Cuttlebug... This is so much easier than anything I have ever thought of before!!!  LOVE!!!  here is what I used, and they are rather inexpensive at Lowes

Photo: Here is what I used Caroleen Dyball  to put my thin dies on... I picked them up at lowes for a reasonable price and cut them to fit inside the cabinet doors... Originally I had them in a binder on the magnet sheets but I like this so much better ;)

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Ok so no idea how long I can keep it this way all clean and organized and "Purty" but today it is and I have pix to prove it... bawhahaha!!!  I am so very happy with my new functional crafty space!!!  Now time to make something and mess it up a little :D  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Crafty Day!!!


Sylvia Anderson said...

Your craft space is lovely & so organised.
I'm so glad i have a craft room xxx

Mollie said...

WOW!!! I LOVE your entertainment center turned crafting center! It looks amazing! I LOVE all the space you have and the different areas you have to craft in! Awesome room! Thanks so much for sharing with us over at BBTB2!

Have a great week!!!

Mollie's Motif

Laura Pizz said...

Love your space and how you organized your cricut stuff -- and great idea with the magnets for your dies! Thanks for joining the BBTB2 challenge! Please follow me @

Jayne said...

What a fabulous craft space you have Eva! Love the way you store your metal dies, brilliant idea. Thank you so much for sharing your fab room.

Caroline said...

You have such a beautiful craft room. I love how you used the entertainment center for crafting. Thanks for sharing your special apace with us at BBTB2.

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Your space is great! What a fabulous idea to pick up those magnetic sheets at Lowes! Carri~Abusybee

Ladybug said...

Your craft space is awesome, Eva. Love how you organized everything.
TFS! :-)

Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments! :-)

Mayras Designs said...

Beautiful furniture and gorgeous room !!! Thank you so much for sharing your space with us at BBTB2 !!

Mayra DTM

Jaren said...

You have so many great ideas! I love the idea of the magnetic door!!! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing at BBTB2!!

Sharon said...

Love your space. So organized and clean. Thank you so very much for sharing your Crafty Space with us at BBTB2!!!! :)

Brenda said...

I am loving your crafty space! I love the stations you have around the room, so nicely organzied and I love what you did with that old cabinet and the media cabinet. Very clever and it looks like it works to well. Thanks for joining us at BBTB2;-)

Darnell said...

Thank you for stopping by my Playhouse, Eva! I love it, but I love your craft space, too! You must have four times the amount of room that I have and I love how you have organized it so efficiently! I hope you can keep it neat and tidy, except, of course, when you are in the middle of creating! Enjoy it! Hugs, Darnell