Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Owl fence Bendi card

this is one of my all time favorite cards I've ever made!   I love love LOVE the fence panel for the Bendi card!  Cheryl you are awesome my friend!  You make some fabulous files!   This set of bendi cards she created is so versatile that you can take left panels right panels back panels and mix and match them however you like, these are definitely fun cards to work with!   They are from  So sorry I didn't get back on Saturday with this post but I ended up with a four-day migraine so no posting happened.   But I am back today and feeling better and wanted to share this awesome fun cute card with you.


Thanks for stopping by.  I'm headed over to my crafting island to work on a new fun card file also created by  Cheryl .... this one may top the Bendi card!   Or at least have a place displayed right next to it, lol.   Have a wonderful day I hope to be back to share this card very soon.

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