Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Been soooo sick (Sinus Infection)

Man it has been a loooong MISERABLE week.  After spending a week on the couch thinking I was fighting a cold or flu I finally went to the doctor yesterday because I couldn't stand the pain in my head anymore.  Turns out I have a severe sinus infection, man will I be glad when the medicine can help me to feel human again.  I am far from better right now but at least I can see, lol.  My Hubby was awesome and took care of me through all of this, I feel so lucky to have him and appreciate him so much.  I have so many things to get done before the Family Reunion coming up on the 21 of this month.  For the next few days I may only get a little done each day but I am very thankful to be able to do anything after what I have just been through.  I recieved my order from Hallmark Scrapbook while I was sick and long to play with my new cartridges as soon as I can.  I did want to share with you all what a great deal I got from them and great delivery service as well.  I purchased 4 new cartridges at $19.99 each, these are full image cartridges some with fonts too.  As soon as I get caught up around here I will love to share some new projects with them.  I got Cindy Loo, Country Life, Just Because Cards & Everyday Paper Dolls.  I am looking forward to each of them.  Just when I get caught up though I should be recieving my Cricut Expression 2...ohhhh so excited that if I weren't this miserable right now I would be  Enough talk I have plenty of work to do including a mess of a house to clean, Hubby's can't do it all I guess...darn it lol.  

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