Friday, May 27, 2011

Card for my Sis

All better but been sooooo busy

Got better from sinus infection and then was busy busy busy with Family Reunion prep.  It turned out so great and I got to spend time with special family members who traveled far to be here.  I was so swamped in making things for the raffle to just the general planning and setup of it all.  Every single second I spent was so worth it and the love and smiles I saw in my family that day said thank you better then any words could.  I am so thankful that all 11 of us still living were able to be there and enjoy this great big family of ours.  I hope to have one again someday, but it would sure be hard to top, lol!!!

So today I am finally able to get back to a little crafting so I wanted to make my Sister a handmade card for her Birthday in a couple of days.  I got the Idea for my card from my Cardmaker Magazine the card was by Colleen Schaan.  So Inspired from hers I created this one for my Sister.

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