Friday, May 27, 2011

Card for my Sis

All better but been sooooo busy

Got better from sinus infection and then was busy busy busy with Family Reunion prep.  It turned out so great and I got to spend time with special family members who traveled far to be here.  I was so swamped in making things for the raffle to just the general planning and setup of it all.  Every single second I spent was so worth it and the love and smiles I saw in my family that day said thank you better then any words could.  I am so thankful that all 11 of us still living were able to be there and enjoy this great big family of ours.  I hope to have one again someday, but it would sure be hard to top, lol!!!

So today I am finally able to get back to a little crafting so I wanted to make my Sister a handmade card for her Birthday in a couple of days.  I got the Idea for my card from my Cardmaker Magazine the card was by Colleen Schaan.  So Inspired from hers I created this one for my Sister.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Been soooo sick (Sinus Infection)

Man it has been a loooong MISERABLE week.  After spending a week on the couch thinking I was fighting a cold or flu I finally went to the doctor yesterday because I couldn't stand the pain in my head anymore.  Turns out I have a severe sinus infection, man will I be glad when the medicine can help me to feel human again.  I am far from better right now but at least I can see, lol.  My Hubby was awesome and took care of me through all of this, I feel so lucky to have him and appreciate him so much.  I have so many things to get done before the Family Reunion coming up on the 21 of this month.  For the next few days I may only get a little done each day but I am very thankful to be able to do anything after what I have just been through.  I recieved my order from Hallmark Scrapbook while I was sick and long to play with my new cartridges as soon as I can.  I did want to share with you all what a great deal I got from them and great delivery service as well.  I purchased 4 new cartridges at $19.99 each, these are full image cartridges some with fonts too.  As soon as I get caught up around here I will love to share some new projects with them.  I got Cindy Loo, Country Life, Just Because Cards & Everyday Paper Dolls.  I am looking forward to each of them.  Just when I get caught up though I should be recieving my Cricut Expression 2...ohhhh so excited that if I weren't this miserable right now I would be  Enough talk I have plenty of work to do including a mess of a house to clean, Hubby's can't do it all I guess...darn it lol.