My Digital Scrapbook Pages

You can check out my digital scrapbook pages on DaisyTrail
My name there is Eva Scraps
this one is my absolute favorite, but I will be adding more as time goes on
I actually ended up making this into a real working clock and I love it
I removed the digital hands from my digitally created page...I then had it printed in 12 X 12 size frome my favorite printing place for my Digital pages, Persnickity Prints
I then mounted the print onto a wooden frame with modge podge...I drilled through the center of the picture and the wood frame large enough for my clock to attach through the hole.  I attached it, added the fancy scrolled hands I bought for it...added baterries...set the time and hung it above my desk.  I love is one of my favorite things I have ever made.  Here it is as the actual clock.
I will be adding more of my Digital Scrapbook pages here as time goes is another one of my great passions...I have gotten so into cardmaking lately that I have not done any scrapping for awhile.

Some more of my Favorites
These next 3 Layouts are of my Daughter at a certain
age and then her Daughter at that same age
They look just alike!!!
Mother and Daughter at age 1
Mother & Daughter age 2
Mother & Daughter age 3
Lets see what else I can find to add on here
A few with my 2 Grand Babies, Dustin & Ashlyn