Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yay!!! My New Cri-Kit Gel Pens are here

I am so excited...I finally broke down and ordered the Sure Cuts Alot 2 program...Wow, why did I ever wait sooo long?  It is so awesome!!!  So when I ordered I also chose the option of buying the whole set of Cri-Kits Gel pens to work in my Cricut for $24 more.  That is a great value because they are about $60 to buy all of the pens and holder by themselves. this is what I got, the Pen Kit Bundle (All 40 Pens -  10 Pastel, 10 Reg. & Neon, 10 glitter & 10 Metallic + 1 Pen Holder + 1 FREE pack of 2 swirl pens).  I am so excited to try these out.  now I can draw in the lines and only cut out the outline...woo hooo.  My project today is to make a little pen holder for these awesome new little mini-pens to be close at hand near my Cricut.  I will share the outcome later :)  here is the link if you want to check out this great deal on the bundle I bought.
or go to for further info on the pens from the maker and many other products they have come up with for the Cricut.
My only complaint is that one of my pens...the pink glitter...grrrr my favorite!  was not capped tightly before shipping and it lost most of its ink, darn it.  All of the others are perfect though and I cannot wait to try them out later.  I am thinking of making a card and using the Cri-kits gel pens to add my sentiment inside the card.  Right after I make that holder for them.

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