Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ordered my new Cricut Expression excited

I already have the Pink Expression but the new enhancements they have made to this new edition are awesome.  I did the free shipping thing so I have a long wait until May 16 to get it, but it will be awesome and well worth the wait I am sure.  I also recently bought some new cartridges on sale.  I should be recieving those any day now...lets see I have 4 of them on the way that I found for $19.99 each...awesome deal.  I bought Just Because Cards, Cindy Loo, Everyday Paper Dolls & the Country Life cartridges.  I am super excited to use them  Looking forward to sharing some new Creations very soon.  Have a great day & Happy Crafting to you all.


Laura H. said...

Color me jealous! lol I have the turquoise Expression and only have 5 cartridges so far. Everyday Paper Dolls is on my want list, I want to try cutting fabric to make fabric paper dolls for Lily. Can't wait to see your projects with the new Expression!

Eva Laney said...

I know, I feel so very lucky to be getting the E2 honestly. For the year and a half almost that I have owned the Pink Cricut Expression I had the 3 Cartridges that came with it. They are Plantin SchoolBook, Accent Essentials and the wonderful Pink Journey/campagne Rose Cart. I refuse to pay $90 bucks for a About 2 months ago I ordered the Wild Card Cart for like $22 from Amazon and I love it!!! Then a couple of weeks later I was at Jo-Anns Fabrics and they had some of the solutions carts on sale for $19.99 so I got Spring Holiday Cards cart & April Showers cart. I really like the April Showers. Then a couple of weeks ago I was at Jo-Anns again and they had Pooh and Friends Cart for $18.88, I couldn't pass it up. Then I ran across these new 4 I am waiting on now that I have been wanting on a new website I found. I was only gonna get two but my hubby said just get all 4...Yay he is so awesome. There are plenty more I want on there but I will wait awhile after all of my new I will post the name of the store once I get my order and all is good. I didn't know you had a awesome. I hope we can share many ideas in the future. Back to work I go...I have to get back to my Family Reunion Projects this week before I run out of