Monday, February 11, 2013

Ribbon Wraps from Penny are AWESOME!!!

Wow so I have had a super busy weekend.  I had my Grand kids from Friday until Sunday and we were busy getting lots of crafting done.  I was going to share some of the crafting with you all today but I woke up to an email from Penny Duncan's blog which I of course follow.  OH my Heck, I went and watched her video, saw her awesome ribbon wraps and how awesome her organized ribbons were plus the fact that she is sharing her cut files for FREE and I just had to stop everything else I was doing & work on mine.  It took me all morning but yay, I am so happy with this awesome system I just had to share with you all.

Now I have some of my spooled ribbons on my ribbon shelves but I also had gobs and gobs of wraps of ribbon and lace and fibers that were just stuffed in drawers and so mixed up I hardly ever used any of it.  Now it is all beautiful and organized and I am so Happy, Thanks so much Penny Duncan :)
these cards she made fit so perfectly into the plastic drawer stands...wayyyyy cooooollllll
Looky Looky Looky how organized and pretty they all are in the drawer.
The empty ribbon wrap card shown here is the 1/2" size
(there are 4 sizes ~ 1/2" - 1" - 2" - 3") 
these are some of the 2" & 3" sized ones, they will fit in a drawer too
but I wanted to hang these up on the wall.
so please go over to Penny's site and check out her video and grab
up her awesome files that she is sharing for free right now and be
sure to leave her some bloggy love if you are helped by her very
cool organization idea and tools :)


lorby said...

These are awesome and would be so useful. My ribbon hanging out in plastic boxes. I can see what's in the clear plastic but have to dig to pull it out. Thanks for the idea and now I will head over to Penny's blog.

Anonymous said...

What a SWEETHEART you are!!! Your ribbons look AWESOMELY YUMMY!!! I'm SO tickled you like the idea!!!!! Thank you for making my day!!!! Have a VERY blessed week!!!

MaryEllen said...

Wow Eva you have been busy thanks for sharing Penny's idea love what you have done with your ribbons !!

Unknown said...

So nice and organised. I saw these on Penny's blog and wondered if it would cause creases or bumps in the ribbon where it wraps around the corner? Looks like it would be worth it though to get all the little pieces of ribbon organised.

Dennis Meyer said...
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